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Опубликовано: 31.03.2017

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William Mitchell College of Law launches first accredited online law degree

You may be a lawyer just looking to brush up on some new skills or wish to Фокус on specialized area of law, or a small business owner who could benefit from a little legal education. Regardless of your situation, a law degree may help you achieve your goals.

Law is a very vast field and becoming a lawyer is not the only choice for students with a legal degree. In fact, with your law degree, you can find variety of lucrative positions in the field of law such as legal assistant, legal secretary, mediator, jury consultant, enforcement officer, forensic expert, correction and parole officer etc.

Regardless of your ultimate career goals, the education available through an Online Law Degree program can prove invaluable. In addition to studying law, you’ll learn how to solve problems, operate under pressure, study documents and contracts with thoroughness and precision.

Law school is often an intense and time-consuming experience. A classroom education in the law can take at least three years to attain, and it's quite expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of online options for those interested in pursuing a legal degree that offers more flexibility.

Many online law programs allow you to study and attend classes at the times that are most convenient, allowing you to keep your job while working to improve yourself and your level of education.

Can you get a law degree online?

Abraham Lincoln University and Online Law School Programs

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